Could a vacant oil change shop be something more? That’s the question we asked ourselves after striking out on several sites for placement of our first Iconic Energy Bar location in the Quad Cities. Mix in a little vision, a pinch of readaptive architectural ingenuity and a whole lot of work...now you have the nation’s first fully enclosed double drive thru coffee/energy bar right here in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Designed from the ground up to stimulate the senses, Iconic Energy Bar features heated drive thru bays, a sound system and hexagon lighting complete with a floor any garage would be envious of. We think you’ll be so impressed you might forget to order a beverage.

No car? No problem, a walk-up window allows pedestrians to order their favorite beverage and watch it being hand crafted.

We promise an unparalleled experience for caffeine enthusiasts and energy seekers alike.


Over four years in the making, Iconic Energy Bar began when a high school graduate decided that being an entrepreneur might be his calling. So, a college degree took the form of many days and nights learning about the business of coffee and energy, visiting locations of many coffee drive thru’s from Nevada, California and Colorado.

Late nights, early mornings and of course caffeine drove the vision until one day he was pointed to a possible location just 1⁄2 mile from the high school where he graduated. While others scoffed at the idea, the possibilities started to appear and six months later he would take the drive thru concept literally. The nation’s first fully enclosed double drive thru would be born.

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